Architectural Project

The architectural plans and façades are designed to reflect the surrounding neighbourhoods. Architectural projects provide information on a building’s exterior/interior design and all other details. Our projects focus on functionality, catering to personal and environmental needs and factors. With its experienced team, Boro Construction provides clients with architectural plans, ready for implementation, with a range including residential, offices, educational facilities and health facilities.


Comprises of the construction of buildings, infrastructure, and industrial sites, according to the needs and specifications of people, neighbourhood and cities. In the process of realising approved projects, our company holds quality at the forefront, with our expert team and trusted partners. It aims to provide meaningful and realistic solutions for its clients while managing time as efficiently as possible. Boro Construction transforms its clients’ dreams, into reality.


Boro Construction sees a project slated for restoration not only as a building, but as a value added to its neighbourhood, city, and the environment as a whole. To ensure that these valuable pieces of heritage stand the test of time, we hold safety, architectural aesthetics and historical fidelity at the core of our designs and renovations. Restoration is not simply repair work; it is an endeavour of art and craftsmanship. Boro Construction has proven its commitment to our culture and history with its success in the area of restoration.