Turhan Boro

Boro Construction, Investments, Manufacturing and Trade A.S. Founder and Chairman Turhan Boro graduated from the Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 1965. After several posts within the Izmir Municipality Construction and Planning Authority between 1968 and 1971, he founded his first private company. He has served as Chairman of Boro Construction since its founding 1973. Having also co-founded Birlik Construction, Manufacturing A.S., Kipa Mass Sales and Marketing A.S. and Enda Energy Holding, Turhan Boro has proven his reliability in the sector. Known for his passion for local cultures and the environment, Turhan Boro has been a board member of TARKEM Historical Kemeralti Construction A.S. and a full member of the Society for the Protection and Advancements of Izmir’s Heritage. Unhesitatingly committed to client safety and satisfaction, Turhan Boro leads his team with decades of experience.